LORIBLU EXPERIENCE is the social project launched by the new generation of the company: Sara, Claudia, Riccardo and Michela will be the spokesman of an innovative style that looks to the future of the brand. LORIBLU EXPERIENCE immediately evokes the idea of living the brand Loriblu directly: from life in the company to the proposed outfit, it’s a journey into the world Loriblu.



Sara is a balanced and calm personality and she identifies herself with blue. She loves order and precision and rarely loses control: a hopeless romantic soul! Sara has lots of passions inside: Latin American dance, foreign languages ​​and journeys around Europe and worldwide. Suit is a must have element of her closet, while big earrings with rich details are the unmissable accessories, especially if they’re matched with her sophisticated bags.


Red: the color Claudia loves to identify herself with. It’s easy to understand her passionate and authoritative character which is fond of challenges. Claudia is a great lover of journeys, art, history and philosophy. Skinny black pants, eclectic element perfect in every occasion, are must have elements of her closet. The very stylish maxi bags and sunglasses are the accessories that complete her outfits.




Tenacious, active, an explosion of originality: Riccardo loves to express himself through the green color, always absorbed in his creative disorder. He loves sports in general, even if he prefers soccer and open air activities. Versatile and easy denim jeans are undoubtedly must have elements of his closet, that he loves to cut and customize to express his creativity. The clock is however an accessory he can’t give up… although he’s always late!


Michela loves yellow: spontaneity, vivacity and joy are her main characteristics. There is always a smile, where little Michy is! She loves art and creative design, but especially she adores fashion and her dog Lori. Leggings with multiple and extravagant textures are must have elements of her closet. Accessories? They are not essential for Michela, as long as they are stylish!